The Importance of Flexibility

Recently, a customer was dragged off of a United Airlines flight, violently after refusing to give up his seat on a flight.  You’ve probably seen your favorite, over opinionated facebook friend post about it.  And if not, I highly suggest looking into the incident.

A few short days later, my friend Les (see featured authors for further details regarding her pieces) and myself found ourselves waiting for a flight of our own. A 4:45 AM alarm, paired with microwave Jimmy Dean sandwiches, *flight to get us to Myrtle Beach before 10:00 in the morning.

*This is where I would like to pause to maturely mention that I hadn’t had one beer while waiting, of course, it was only 7:10 am, but that is beside the point.

Anyways, while we were waiting, the airline began to announce that they were seeking volunteers to give up their seats.  A rescheduled flight for the same time would be provided the following morning. In exchange, volunteers would receive, two FREE (cha-ching) round-trip tickets to the destination of your choice.  Les and I continued to sit, and the airline continued to make announcements. Eventually, we reviewed our schedule and realized that it would be quite easy for Les and I to give up our seats.  While we would have loved to have the awesome (but also unfortunate) Snapchat of a strange man getting dragged off of the plane, we instead took the chivalrous act of giving up our own seats. In return, we got three free meals, which is a difficult to turn down when you are living nearly paycheck to paycheck, and were also rewarded with the promised two round trip tickets.

ANYWAYS, rambling aside: sometimes, you are young and flexible. Being accomptable could mean two forced vacations in the next year, going somewhere you’ve never been, as well as unintentionally finishing an entire Netflix season in one day. Oh, and don’t forget all the fellow fliers we saved.

Final detail: we were thankfully assigned to sit together on the new flight!  As we boarded, we realized that we were placed in first class (Yay, not only are our seats three and a half inches wider, but the seats do not recline & no free alcoholic beverages were served!  Yet another morning where I went without airport beers before 8:00 am.)  To top the flight off, my seat did not exist.  (Turns out 2B is too good to be true.)  Due to some of Les’s over dramatic (while slightly true) complaints regarding why our flight was rescheduled, we were seated together like originally intended.

Until then, stalk Spirit’s flights & find somewhere cheap & affordable to go.  Enjoy your vacay and the gift of being young and flexible.  Oh, and please have an overpriced beer in our honor.

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