Bugs: How to Deal….or Not Deal


Stassi lives near the coast in the southern part of North Carolina. Along with this location, there tends to be quite an unnecessary amount of large insects. Some people may refer to them as “cockroach”, however the South prefers the prettier title of “palmetto” bugs. However, Stassi refuses to use that term because cockroaches are easily 50X worse, at a minimum, than any other insect.

Attempting to adult on your own means that you may not always having someone around to help you deal with your insect issues. Therefore: the purpose of the article.

Learning to deal with them on your own can be a very beneficial life step. In the case of this particular bug, this meant using the “bowl technique”, otherwise known as the “cup technique”.

Bowl Technique – due to fear, panic, & lack of useful materials, one will trap an unwanted insect within the capacity of a bowl (or any other readily available object) as to maintain knowledge of its location until a more definite decision can be made regarding its life

This technique works best for bugs that are almost dead or those that are slow moving. All that is needed for this method, is a relatively heavy bowl/cup and one brave individual. The brave individual traps said bug under the heavy object. Then wait several days to ensure that bug is completely dead. Slowly lift bowl/cup and check on bug. If the bug is very dead immediately vacuum or find another way of removal that involves zero touching. If the bug is not dead, replace the cup or bowl and wait two days.

Then repeat.

If the bug is **quick moving, jumps, or flies: the best recommendation is to move out. In addition, seeking a trusted dad, neighbor, or friend.

**Friendly reminder: Crying or screaming is only a temporary fix.

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