How to make the perfect rice every time.


No blog would be complete without a section that talks about cooking. After all, food is life.

Rice was a natural first choice because you’re probably doing it wrong.

Follow the steps below to perfect rice:

  1. Go to the cupboard, grab rice.
  2. Vent
  3. Put in Microwave
  4. Type either “1-3-0” or click the “+30sec” button three times
  5. Wait until microwave beeps
  6. Open microwave and grab rice where it says “grab here.”
  7. Put in bowl or on plate

If you’re rice making process involves boiling water or takes longer than two minutes you’re doing it wrong.


Side note: Watch out for the blog that teaches you how to have a microwave as clean as mine.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. AdultingIsHard says:

    Cannot not emphasize enough to vent the bag…reasons why my microwave is not as clean as yours.


    1. Very true! Ps my microwave isn’t clean the picture just hides it well!


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