Productive things to do while you procrastinate.

It is finals time. Therefore, college age students all around the world, are procrastinating. I’m talking about me, and I’m talking about you, so here are some productive ways to procrastinate.

1.) Start a blog.

Not only is a blog a way for you to procrastinate but you can share it on Facebook to help your friends delay too (You’re Welcome). Additionally, when you go to the real world you now have evidence of your “writing skills” and can mention that your “bomb” article was shared 6 times on your resume.

2.) Make a snack.

You’re going to get hungry eventually, you might as well eat while you’re procrastinating. Maybe even make two snacks one for now, and one for once you start working.

3.) Shower

We all know you need one.

4.) Volunteer

If you’re not going to help yourself, by studying or finishing that paper. You can at least help someone else to help.

5.) Call a friend

There is someone that immediately pops into everyone’s head that you’ve meant to call. If you can’t think of someone or you have no friends (there is a blog for that) call your mom. Hopefully, these people will know your life enough to be able to remind you that you really should be doing something and finally provide you with the motivation you need.

6.) Go meet up with a friend at the library

Even if you don’t start studying right away, you one, get to see your friend and two, you’re now at the library, not only will people shush you but seeing all of the people around you studying may give you that motivation you need.


7.) Get a coffee

Not only does this allow you to gain some confidence while flirting with the barista, the caffeine will help keep you up since you’re never going to finish your work.

8.) Sleep

Seriously, I swear it solves all problems. At the end of the day, if you never finish that assignment, never graduate, and live with your parents forever, at least you’ll live that good life in your dreams. You also probably aren’t getting enough sleep anyways, so it’s fine.

****These methods have all been tested throughout the last six years, so far none have failed me. Good luck in your journey.

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