How to survive FUNemployment. 

The worst part about college? Graduating. Maybe it wasn’t what you expected me to say, but it’s probably the truest statement of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to have two college experiences #gradschool and now that I’m about 27 hours post-graduation two, I know it’s true. However, before I get too into savor the moment etc. I’m going to move on to advice on how to survive FUNemployment.


FUNemployed refers to both the individuals that are starting work on a certain date in the future i.e.  July 1st and those who still are unsure what organization is going to be lucky enough to have them.

The following is advice on how to survive the FUNemployment stage of your life.

1.) Plan Ahead

It sounds obvious, and it should be because this will keep you alive and with a roof over your head. For me, this meant knowing I have the next two months of rent taken care of, but it could also refer to buying Chinese takeout on Monday so you know you have meals for the next three days.


This is where the good advice actually begins. Your time of FUNemployment is the perfect time to start celebrating all your friends 21st birthdays, it doesn’t matter if they’re really 24 or 31. If you go into bars put a crown on someone’s head and start yelling 21 someone is about to buy you and the crew drinks.

3.) Treat Week Days Like the Weekend

You’re FUNemployed and the best deals everywhere are during the week. You unlike those people with jobs do not have to get up tomorrow morning so take advantage of those dollar wells and live like the true freshman that still lives in your heart.

4.) Give Plasma

Since the last two revolved around drinking I wanted to throw one in there that might make this list seem legit. Seriously though, a great way to make some cash and get over your fear of giant needles.

5.) Cook

Seriously eating out is so expensive. Suck at cooking? Invite a friend or see my article on rice.

6.) Go Outside

There’s no better time to be the best you ever.  Get a tan, work out, enjoy the daylight because eventually someone is going to trap you in an office somewhere and you’ll only get to see daylight every 2 out of 7 days. Also, if you’re still employed in three months you’re at least tan, buff, and unemployed.


At the end of the day know you’re going to eventually get a job and probably work foreverish. Thus, don’t be ashamed when someone asks what’s next? Instead, stand up straight look them in the eye and brag about the beauty of FUNemployment.


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