Getting your hair done doesn’t have to be scary.

As someone with trust issues, especially in the hair department, finding someone I trust has been super important to me. Living in several different areas in the past few years has required that I find new people to do my do. Luckily my experiences have provided me with the knowledge that will hopefully allow you to find the perfect person for you! Also shout out to Macie (@hairbymaciee) for finally being someone I’m completely confident in. 

  1. Start with the Walking Models.
  2. If you like someone’s hair, tel them, and ask them where they go. When I lived in North Carolina I followed my friends to Blythe. Not only will you be complimenting your friend or a stranger you’ll have already seen the stylists work first hand and you may even be helping your friend out as some salons reward referrals. 
  3. Ask the locals. If someone has grown up in an area or been around for a while chances are they know someone. Although I don’t currently live in in NW Ohio, I have a go to recommendation anytime someone currently living in the area asks. (@Karlyrose12 if you’re near Bowling Green) 
  4. Social Media. If you’ve never seen someone post their new hair cut on social media you’re lying. Similar to the walking model approach you can approach the individual through social media. Additionally lots of stylists work hard to keep their social media up to date with their portfolio, and therefore there is no easier way to see someone’s past work if you are thinking about trying someone new!
  5. Trial. My current stylist actually did my hair for a wedding. Not only did I love how my hair turned out but I enjoyed chatting with her. Additionally, before I chopped off all my hair and colored it for the first time, I started off with a trim. The first time you meet someone may not be when you trust them 100% or are confident enough to give them feedback, therefore a huge change might not be the best first step. 

Already have someone you love? Great! Do what you can to support them! Shout their praise from the rooftops aka (tag them, share them) not only are you reminding them how thankful you are and helping them with their hustle, but you never know when you’re helping lead someone else to the perfect stylist for them!

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