Wedding day essentials, a bridesmaid’s perspective.

I love weddings! Not only do you get to celebrate some of your favorite people committing to each other, but you also get to look good, eat good, drink good, and dance! This weekend I’m headed to my final wedding of 2018, and coincidentally the third one I’ve been a bridesmaid in this year. Therefore, I’ve been able to put together a pretty good list of the items I make sure to have with me. 


Bobby Pins- there’s a standing joke that an updo is the best way to get a years supply of Bobby pins without going out and buying them.  Even so, after an hour or two you’ll still find some places to stick them. 

Hairspray-Depending on the style you may be able to walk out of the salon and be good to go. However you never know when an extra winding day can destroy your fresh do. 

Curling Iron- My short hair is much better at holding curls, but when it was long after more than a couple of hours you may want a retouch. Trust me you’d rather have it and not use it than need it and not have it. 


Super Glue-Something is guaranteed to break maybe a nail, maybe a shoe, maybe a key wedding accessory. 

Phone Charger- Not only will you be up early and stay up late, but you’re spending a lot of time looking that good. You’ll want to take picctures, snaps, and Instagram pics all which will drain your battery. 

Sewing Kit -You never know when you’ll need to quickly fix a strap or the crotch of your pants! 

Safety Pins-Probably can almost completely cancel out the above in most circumstances!

Portable Steamer-This is so important! Probably my favorite item on this list because the materials bridesmaids dresses are made out of wrinkle super easily. (Unfortunately, mine did not fit in the carry-on, I picked to pack more clothes…)

The Medicine Cabinet 

Bandaids- Although they are mainly for blisters when people make bad shoe choices, in a pinch they can also be used in place of tape.  

Imodium-Because sometimes the nerves get to you. 

Peptobismo- Because nauseau, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach….

Ibprophen-Because you drank too much wine at the rehearsal dinner

Tampons-Because not having one could be the worst. 


Lip gloss-it’s always the first make-up that comes off. Especially with excessive drinking. 

Waterproof Mascara- You’re probably going to cry, make sure it’s not running down your face. 

Clear nail polish-not only can this clean up rough nails quickly, it can fix broken nails, and runs in hose. 

Nail Clippers-In addition to being able to fix a nail they can often be used in place of scissors in several situations! (And you can put them in a carry-on)

Lotion/Moisturizer-This may be more of a concern in the winter, but nobody wants crusty knees or elbows. 

DEODORANT-Dancing is sweaty. 

Eyelash Glue-Although most make-up artists do a great job of getting your eyelashes to stick, occasionally an end will pop off and you’ll be glad you have it! (added after the Teeter wedding 12/15/2018)

In general I pack with the mindset of could this be useful to me or someone else and if I even think maybe, I pack it.  Also congratulations Chris & Heather can’t wait to celebrate you all weekend!

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