Cooking for one?

Whether you have a roommate, live alone, or are a recent newly wed it is likely that many of the meals you cook are for only one or maybe two people. Therefore, I have come up with a list of products that can help make the ideal young adult kitchen.

The Toaster Oven

Currently on sale for under $50, originally $110.99

Hamilton Beach (31333) Toaster Oven, Convection Oven, Electric, Stainless Steel 

This is easily the most used item in my entire kitchen, I use it to make toast or a frozen waffle in the morning and for cooking all types of things for dinner. Additionally, it is amazing at reheating left overs, and doesn’t leave them soggy like the microwave. The model I have, linked below can fit anything I would use my normal oven, including a full size pizza. Additionally, I don’t have to wait for it to pre-heat and it uses way less energy than a full size oven, who doesn’t love lover heating bills. 

Vegetable Steamer

Rapid Veggie Steamer – Cook Pefect Vegetables in the Microwave!

Anyone who is mainly cooking for one person knows how difficult it can be to buy fresh produce and use it before it goes bad. Therefore, I buy a ton of frozen veggies. This steamer makes sure they are cooked thoroughly without getting soggy. Plus it gives time recommendations right on the item, so it’s impossible to forget the directions. If my toaster oven is my most used item, my microwave is the second most used item in my kitchen making this steamer an easy choice. 

Quality Tupperware

Razab 24 Piece Glass Food Storage Containers w/Airtight Lids – Microwave/Oven/Freezer & Dishwasher Safe – Steam Release Valve BPA/ PVC Free -Small & Large Reusable Round, Square & Rectangle Containers

The best way to make cooking for fewer easier is planning for your left overs or meal planning which to me just means packing your lunches on Sunday or whenever you cook your first meal of the week. I recommend having a variety of options, but for me it is important that I can use them in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher (when I have one some day, I’m dreaming big).

Freezer Bags

Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon Size-28 ct

If your anything like me you can eat left overs only a couple of times before you are over it(used to drive my mom crazy). Instead of wasting food I have found that freezing cooked food right off the bat can be one of the easiest ways to not waste food letting it get gross in the fridge. Having quality freezer bags maintains the quality of the food when you heat it back up, and you’d be surprise at all of the different items that freeze well. My favorites include bread, cheese, shredded chicken (recipe coming soon). I’ve even frozen buffalo chicken dip so I could save it to share with friends and not sit around eating it all by myself.  

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