How I Accidentally Dried Eucalyptus Arrangements

Below ar

Below are the steps I took to accidentally dry out fresh Eucalyptus creating two low budget, long lasting, floral arrangements.

Following the Christmas season I really missed having greenery around my apartment. This need for green led me to the fresh Eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s.

It is important to note that I am no flower expert, however I did trim the ends off each of the stems before placing them in a vase filled with water. After that… I did nothing for about a week.

Upon re-examining the stems, I realized a couple of them hadn’t been touching the water and had dried up completely. The stems were a little more fragile but retained their color and shape.

Then, I pulled all of the stems out of the vase, dumped the water, and finally, cleaned the vase (it was pretty gross). After, I returned all of these stems back to the vase.

Over two months later, I still have two great looking arrangements that have been an awesome addition to my space.

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  1. Irwin, LeeAnn says:

    Pro tip gotta try this!!!!


    1. It’s sooo easy! I believe in you! They also smell great when you first get them!


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