Girl, where have you been?

You all, for the last 15 months I’ve been (gasp) employed. I don’t mean an internship or part-time job, I have a real 9 to 5 job, and it has been hard. No more going to the beach on a Tuesday or switching shifts to get the afternoon off. I have to go every day, all week long, and it has been an adjustment. So after a 15 month “welcome to adulting” hangover, I finally feel well rested enough to come back to this beauty. Luckily, my friend Les is still into contributing and the last year and a half have brought us all types of new ideas and life experience to share. From understanding your insurance to decorating an apartment, we will be here for you. Probably not giving you the best advice, but at least telling you how we’ve survived.-Staci

Back before the real world hit us.
Pic: Staci and grad school partner in-crime Nicole

How did you know you were in the middle of your “welcome to adulting” hangover?

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